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As an independent consultant, I provide one-time consulting sessions, project-based consulting, as well as retainer-based advisory services to global clients.

My impact-driven consulting work focuses on promoting mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world, fostering joint actions on tackling climate change, environmental protection, and transnational environmental crimes.

For more details, please drop me an email.

Example 1

Project: Fast-tracking the decarbonisation of the ICT sector in China

Client: China Water Risk (CWR), a core initiative of the ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF)

Contact Point: Director

Type of Consultancy: Research

Outcome: To publish a research report that informs the investors and business community.

Example 2

Project: Strategic planning for CCICED Phase VII (2021-2025)

Client: China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), a high-level international advisory body chaired by China’s Vice-Premier

Contact Point: International Chief Advisor, CCICED

Type of Consultancy: Strategy; Research; Organisational Development

Outcome: The Research Framework for CCICED Phase VII is being converted into Terms of References of the Special Policy Studies (SPSs) teams.

Example 3

Project: Advisory on climate policy research

Client: A London-based advisory firm specializing in climate policy advice

Contact Point: Partner / Research

Type of Consultancy: Advisory (Senior Advisor)

Outcome: Regular consulting sessions with partners and research analysts, and comments on policy papers commissioned by clients.

Example 4

Project: Scoping and strategic planning on a new policy initiative

Client: Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a prestigious non-governmental organization focused on ecology and conservation

Contact Point: Asia Executive Director

Type of Consultancy: Strategy; Policy; Research

Outcome: The new programme has entered implementation with a US$1.4m grant.

* All consulting work is strictly separated from my journalism activities.