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Robbie ANDREW, Senior Scientist, CICERO Center for International Climate Research; Global Carbon Project

“An important voice translating the complexities of China’s energy and climate policy environment for a wider audience, with attention to detail and an eye for nuance…”

Dimitri DE BOER, Asian Regional Director of Programmes, ClientEarth

“An excellent resource. Timely, in-depth, clear, and balanced. Extremely relevant in today’s complex geopolitical environment…”

James FAHN, Executive Director, Earth Journalism Network; Adjunct Professor, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

“[Hongqiao’s] work not only fills a long-standing vacuum in international environmental journalism but also significantly contributes to global climate actions…”

Prof Daniel GARDNER, Professor Emeritus of History at Smith College; Co-organizer, China Environmental Group of the High Meadows Environmental Institute at Princeton University

“An invaluable resource; timely, comprehensive, fair, and balanced…” 

Pierre HASKI, journalist, writer, and former Deputy Editor of Libération

 “Tremendous courage, entrepreneurship, and leadership…”

Anders HOVE, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

“An important and valuable English-language resource for journalists, energy analysts, and policymakers seeking to understand the complex ins-and-outs of China’s climate and energy policies…”

Dr Aili KANG, Director, China Global Investment and Impact Program, Wildlife Conservation Society

“An exceptional asset for comprehending, analysing, and interpreting China’s environmental policies and actions. A sharp observer of environmental policy in China and an inspirational source for developing policy-influencing strategies.”

LI Shuo, Director, China Climate Hub, Asia Society Policy Institute

“A bridge builder when the gaps are widening between China and the world; a strong advocate for engagement when the space for engagement is shrinking…”

Kate LOGAN, Associate Director on Climate, Asia Society Policy Institute

“A must-read for anyone who wants to understand the nuances of China’s climate and energy policies in one place…”

Dr Frank RUCKERT, Deputy Ambassador, German Beijing Embassy

“A global reference point for analysing China’s climate and energy policy, as well as its decarbonisation strategy. [Hongqiao’s] analysis thus creates the basis for substantial exchange and cooperation…”

Dr Nora SAUSMIKAT, Chair of China Desk, urgewald

“Extremely valuable insights, which becomes even more valuable in a time when fact-based information exchange and environmental journalism are under global attack…” 

Eric SWANSON, Senior Conservation Finance Adviser, Paulson Institute

“The single most comprehensive, knowledgeable, and useful source on decarbonisation and carbon markets in China…”

Hubert TESTARD, Former French diplomat in Asia; Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris

“An excellent resource with up-to-date information and invaluable insights on the formulation and implementation of the Chinese climate change strategy…”

Prof Jeremy WALLACE, Professor of Government, Cornell University

“Timely and in-depth analyses of the policy twists and turns in China. Second to none. A must-read.”

David Vance WAGNER, Vice President, Energy Foundation China

“Essential reading for tracking and understanding China’s decarbonization progress (and challenges)…”

Prof Christoph NEDOPIL WANG, Director, Griffith Asia Institute; Professor, Griffith Business School

“An in-depth view of China’s domestic and overseas carbon-emission ambitions and actions…”

Dr Seaver WANG, Co-Director, Climate and Energy Program, The Breakthrough Institute

“A unique and valuable voice; a powerful asset to the international climate community…”

The above quotes are listed in ascending order of the person's last names. To submit a testimonial, please drop me an email at contact[at]