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Shuang Tan is a weekly newsletter that I launched in February 2022.

At Shuang Tan, I track China’s policies and actions toward achieving its climate pledges of peaking carbon emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060. Hence the name: “Shuang Tan” is shorthand for China’s “dual-carbon” goals (“双碳”, pinyin: Shuāng Tàn).

The newsletter includes curated news, fresh analysis, and exclusive interviews on China’s decarbonization drive.

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All the past issues are accessible on Substack, as well as here on my personal website:

Issue #06: China’s Coal-to-Solar Transition through the Lens of a Millennial Filmmaker (23/05/2023)

Issue #05: Time to Revisit Some Fundamental Assumptions on China’s Climate Actions (02/12/2022)

Issue #04: Xi Jinping’s Little-Noticed Appeal for Alternative Proteins (17/03/2022)

Issue #03: In-depth: For 2022, China wants to balance climate ambitions with energy security (11/03/2022)

Issue #02: Analysis: Beijing Rethinks Coal in the Aftermath of 2021’s Energy Crunch (03/03/2022)

Issue #01: What Does China’s ‘No.1 Central Document’ Say About Climate Change? (24/02/2022)

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